The Froogala’s

Wouldn’t it be great fun to do this – every day, or at least  once in a life time?  To be able to just spend, spend, spend with no worries! Ah, the life! spendthrift

For most of us, this is not a routine behavior or even a once a year activity  we can participate in. But, how do we spend our money? Do we spend frivolously or thoughtfully?

Do  we have a plan for saving and for making spending decisions? How do we balance between our needs and our wants?

When I first wrote, Book 1 – Evan and Bella Learn How to Earn and Save Money,  I wanted my grandchildren to learn the concepts of managing money, but I was equally mindful that I did not want them to become greedy. Learning to save and spend money wisely – can be fruitful and rewarding!1983-mickey-greed-scrooge

Thus, I coined the phrase Froogala, as a fun way to infuse the concepts of frugality in my children’s books. As the book evolved into a series, I realized the concepts of frugality apply to much more than just money. Learning to manage – to balance – all resources in life is key to sustainable living.

In our home, when a  good decision is made regarding the use of time, money, food, energy – any resource – we say we are being FROOGALA!