Auntie Kay is helping Evan and Bella discover how to treasure the resources they each have; guiding Evan and Bella towards appreciating the value of time, money, health and more. With step-by-step instruction, Auntie Kay shows Evan and Bella how to develop daily habits which lead to independent behaviors and self discipline, building on the principle that as children learn to be take care of the little bits they are given, eventually they will be able to manage much more.

The Treasured Tales of Evan and Bella  are stories for children, age 5-8 supporting the growth of independence- helping children learn to make good decisions. The engaging children’s books inspire habits that build foundations for independence and good decision making. Auntie Kay helps Evan and Bella learn to manage resources such as time, money and health, being mindful that as children learn to take care of the little bits they are charged with, eventually they will be able to manage much.

The story books are accompanied by activity books and charts which help reinforce daily habit formation.

Book 1 introduces the concepts of money management; where money comes from, how it is earned and how to save and make spending decisions. The activity books provide tools to help reinforce the habits key to independent decision making.

Book 2 introduces the concepts of time management; how to manage time to accomplish all the things one wants to in a specific period of time; things like playing, homework and even chores. The activity chart helps develop awareness of time spent on tasks and the ability to make choices for task completion.