Writing a story, no matter how large or small, requires the artful talent of an illustrator. Either for a picture book, book cover or other illustrations one might want in the book.

After I wrote my first book, the next step was to find an illustrator. Within a short period, Erin Sherman and I met via a  colleague and art professor. From the very first meeting with Erin, it was clear there was a connection.

Her artistic talent puts the visual art to the written craft.

Erin Sherman, Illustrator

Erin is a very gifted artist and busy mother of two beautiful children. She is involved with the oversight of college activity groups where she is able to help nurture and guide young adults.

In her spare time she enjoys adding her illustrations to great concepts and enriching a child’s love of learning with engaging pictures.

Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology.