Evan and Bella Learn About Money

Book 1coverEvan and Bella Learn How to Earn and Save Money, Book 1.

When children shop with grown ups, they observe their shopping behaviors. Watching adults pile items in a shopping cart, or simply clicking on an item they want to purchase on the internet, makes shopping look easy and carefree.

Naturally, they want things too! It can be frustrating when they ask for something and continually hear “No” or “Not now”. Children do not understand how that hard earned cash was obtained, or why it is necessary to budget.  That is why it is important to teach children the concepts of money management.

In Book 1, Auntie Kay teaches Evan and Bella the fundamental concepts of money and money management. While on a shopping trip Evan and Bella receive unexpected news, Auntie Kay wants them to begin buying their own treats. How can this be? They are not old enough to have a job! In shock, they wonder if  they will ever have treats again!

Book 1 comes with My Savings Journal and My Chore Chart,  The journal helps children learn to record money earned, withdrawals and how to set savings goals leading to the ability to make purchase decisions. The chore chart assists with the recording of weekly chores and allowances.

Book 1 –  COMPLETE SET comes with My Savings Journal and My Chore Chart
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Book 1 ISBN: 978-0-984694808

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