After twenty plus years as a college administrator, and as a mother and grandmother, Cheryl was distraught over the increasing number of  young adults who struggled to handle daily life once on their own.

                               “Watching young college students try to figure out where their next meal would come from, or how to plan properly to meet academic deadlines was very disheartening. Daily decisions about how to stretch funds for food, stay current with bills, or how much time is required to study – can be overwhelming. There are thousands of college students who do not have the priviledge of being on a meal plan, and must learn the hard way how to manage pennies.”

Thus, when her grandchildren began to accompany her to the grocery store, she was inspired to write The Treasured Tales of Evan and Bella.

The Treasured Tales of Evan and Bella introduces fundamental concepts for decision making. Geared towards children age 5-8, the engaging stories are accompanied by fun activity books, which reinforce the formation of positive habits – habits that will last a life-time.

Cheryl lives in New Hampshire with her husband, a retired army veteran of 22 years. Together, they have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Cheryl’s formal education includes an MBA from Columbia College, a BSBA from Eastern Nazarene College; and coursework in the master’s degree program in English/Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University.